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Meetings and Minutes


In accordance with government guidelines all Parish Council meetings have been postponed until further notice.  The Parish Council is still operational therefore please contact the Clerk or the Chairman if you have any queries or concerns.

The agenda for the next meeting will be attached below when meetings resume.

The dates for forthcoming meetings are attached below but may be subject to change. 

Meetings start at 7 pm in the Village Hall, Old High Road, Yoxford, IP17 3HN.

All Parish Council meetings are public meetings and members of the public are welcome to attend to observe or speak to the Council.  Time for those wishing to speak will be allotted at the start of the meeting or during the meeting at the Chair’s discretion.

Minutes and Agendas:

In accordance with the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities 2015, the Parish Council has a duty to publish draft minutes of meetings within one month of the meeting.  The draft minutes can be found on this site.  However, it must be noted that the minutes are only a draft document and do not become an official record of the Parish Council meeting until they are approved at the next Parish Council meeting.  Minutes from earlier dates than published on this site can be obtained from the Parish Clerk.

The agenda for the forthcoming meeting will be published on this site three clear days before the meeting date.

Minutes from previous meetings are below:

Report - April 2020 Report---30-April-2020.pdf 124.3 KB Report - 31 March 2020 Report---31-March-2020.pdf 138.4 KB Draft - March 2020 Minutes---5-March-2020.pdf 156.2 KB Extraordinary Meeting - February 2020 Extraordinary-Minutes---24-February-2020.pdf 92.6 KB February 2020 Minutes---6-February-2020.pdf 171.9 KB January 2020 Minutes---2-January-2020.pdf 327.4 KB December 2019 Minutes---5-December-2019.pdf 266 KB November 2019 Minutes---7-November-2019.pdf 347.6 KB October 2019 Minutes---3-October-2019.pdf 351.8 KB Extraordinary Meeting - September 2019 Extraordinary-Minutes---19-September-2019.pdf 188.2 KB September 2019 Minutes---September-2019.pdf 367.6 KB Extraordinary Meeting - August 2019 Extraordinary-Minutes---19-August-2019.pdf 191.8 KB August 2019 Minutes---1-August-2019.pdf 333.4 KB Extraordinary Meeting - July 2019 Extraordinary-Minutes---24-July-2019.pdf 186.4 KB July 2019 Minutes---4-July-2019.pdf 342.8 KB June 2019 Minutes---6--June-2019.pdf 251.5 KB May 2019 Minutes---16-May-2019.pdf 317.6 KB Extraordinary Meeting - May 2019 Draft-Minutes---Extraordinary-Meeting---9-May-2019.pdf 192.6 KB April 2019 Minutes---4-April-2019.pdf 300.2 KB Extraordinary Meeting - March 2019 Extraordinary-Meeting-Minutes---28-March-2019.pdf 191.4 KB March 2019 Minutes---7-March-2019.pdf 318.7 KB Extraordinary Meeting - February 2019 Minutes---16-February-2019.pdf 182.8 KB 11 February 2019 Minutes---11-February-2019.pdf 315.3 KB 7 February 2019 Minutes---7-February-2019.pdf 8.7 KB January 2019 Minutes---3-January-2019.pdf 310.6 KB December 2018 Minutes---6-December-2018.pdf 165.6 KB November 2018 Minutes---1-November-2018.pdf 310.6 KB October 2018 Minutes---4-October-2018.pdf 242.5 KB September 2018 September-2018.pdf 247 KB August 2018 Minutes---2-August-2018.pdf 315 KB July 2018 Draft-Minutes---July-2018.pdf 313.6 KB June 2018 Draft-Minutes---June-2018.pdf 318.4 KB May 2018 Minutes---3-May-2018.pdf 237.9 KB April 2018 Minutes---April-2018.pdf 313.7 KB