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Some of you will be self-isolating as part of the restrictions to tackle the Coronavirus and Covid-19. As a result, you may not be able to get out and do all the things you need to do. There are lots of people in the village who would like to help. If you need help with things like shopping or collecting prescriptions or even if you just want someone to talk to please ask. There are various ways you can get in touch with us:

  • Facebook - Please join the group, join in the chat and post a request if you need some help.
  • Email - [email protected] Email a request for help to The Yapper.
  • Whatsapp - our group is called Yoxford Community. Send a message to Nancy Main 07881 029470 to join. You can ask for help by posting to the group
  • Village Website - request help here

By Phone - The following people have volunteered to be points of contact for different parts of the village. If you need help please call. If you can't get through please try one of the other contacts. These people may help you themselves or they may ask other volunteers to help.

Phone Contact Details

Contact Name Phone Number Area

Carol Rose

01728 668345

07552 501809

Culcott Close and Main Road (A12) from southern village boundary as far as Old High Road

Brigit Parker

07455 232915

Brook Street from Old High Road round to Middleton Road

Diane Humphrey

07833 617897

Middleton Road (including a few houses past the railway line), A12 from Middleton Road and Westleton Road

Trudy Read

07850 066890

Old High Road and Park Place

Sheena Tower

07973 863034

High Street from A12 to Old High Road including Church Lane

Jane Williams

07757 147350

Oakwood Park

John & Susan Beddow

01728 668155

High Street from Old High Road to Strickland Manor Hill

Sarah Barrett

01728 668652

07548 502073

Little Street and The Lane

Corinne Keys

07889 326727

Strickland Manor Hill from the High Street to the farms

Michelle Pearce

01728 668106

Meadowlands Close & Yoxwood View

Paul & Jill Ashton

01728 668011

Elmsley Way

Kevin George Bryenton

07484 343713

Outliers. Weavers and Willow Marsh Lanes, Yoxford Antiques Road. Other outlying properties not covered elsewhere

This initiative does not supersede any existing arrangements. If you already have someone you trust helping you please carry on. This initiative provides everyone with access to help if you need it. Please do not struggle on your own. If you need some help you must ask. You will not be a burden, there are lots of people waiting to help. This is not a nice time but we can get through it together.

Local businesses. This is a challenging time for all our local businesses. We value them and want them to still be here when this is over, so please support them by making use of the services they are still able to provide.

Main’s Restaurant,, 01728 668882 is offering bread & pastries and a meal delivery service every Friday. New menu posted every Monday, to be ordered by noon on Wednesday.

G&Ts can bake cakes to order and will be providing a take-away drinks service from the back window via the garden. Daily from 12 til 2pm starting from Saturday 28th March.

Horners remains open and is applying rules to keep people a safe distance from each other while shopping.

The pubs are closed. We are not aware if they have plans to provide a take-away service